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Persistent Pain: Comprehensive Management


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Course TypeCourse/ Seminar
Date08/10/2019 - 08/11/2019
Instructor NameDr. Justin Dunaway PT DPT OCS Cert. SMT Cert. DN
AddressSheddon Physiotherapy
1300 Cornwall Rd #103
Oakville, ON L6J 7W5
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DistrictCentral Toronto
Brief Description

This 2 day seminar is designed for any clinician treating patients with persistent pain.

We will cover key concepts in understanding and treating persistent pain. We will cover, in-depth, the physiologic basis of the experience of pain from nociception to cortical processing. Special attention will be paid to concepts of neuroplasticity, both adaptive and mal-adaptive, at all levels of the nervous system. In depth discussions of context, expectations, and language will lead into subjective and objective evaluation techniques for this population. We will discuss how to create individually designed, psychologically informed treatments that emphasize adaptive neuroplastic changes and return to function. Specific treatment modalities such as therapeutic neuroscience education, laterality training, discrimination training, desensitization, mirror boxes, graded motor imagery, graded exposure, and pacing will be discusses as well as stress and sleep as contributing factors to pain.

At the end of this course participants will have a deep understanding of the individual experience of pain, how pain becomes maladaptive, and a true understanding of the patient with persistent pain. Participants will be able to structure evaluations around the patient presentation and design evidenced based psychologically informed intervention to move patients towards independence and improved quality of life.


Day 1:
Introduction: Pain Epidemic Neurophysiology of pain Beliefs and Expectations
Explaining pain demo Understanding Pain Dominance Subjective Exam

Day 2:
Objective Exam
Treating Persistent Pain Treatment techniques
Sleep & Stress
Breathing techniques Mindfulness Demo
Pulling it all together

Contact Hours: 16
Lecture: 75%
Technique Demonstrations: 25%


  1. Students will understand the differences in nociception, damage, and the experience of pain.
  2. Students will understand pain modulation, mal-adaptive pain, and the mature organism model.
  3. Students will be able to structure a subjective evaluation using motivational interviewing techniques.
  4. Students will be able to structure an objective examination taking into account pain dominance and neuroplastic changes.
  5. Students will be able to explain the subjective, objective, and treatment from a neurophysiological standpoint.
  6. Students will be able to utilize neuroplastic interventions taking into account the patients psychological status.
  7. Students will understand the concepts of goal setting, pacing, and graded exposure and how to use these to individualize treatment to each patient.
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