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Friday April 5 5:00pm – 6:30pm & Saturday April 6 8:30am – 1:30pm

      1. Inter-rater Reliability of the Modified Ashworth Scale with Standardized Movement Speeds: A Pilot Study
        Presenters: Kirsten Behm, Charlotte Dunlap, James Koo, MScPT, Erica Zurawski, MScPT BScE
      2. Assessing the clinical competency of health care professionals who perform airway suctioning with adults: A scoping review
        Presenter: Erin Miller, PT PhD Candidate
      3. Barriers and facilitators to physical activity and exercise among adults experiencing chronic pain: results of an interpretive descriptive qualitative study 
        Presenters: Tom Doulas, Jordan Miller, Rupa Patel, Kyle Vader, PT
      4. Lessons about Implementation of Falls Prevention Program: Perceptions of Health Care Professionals on Falls Prevention in Acute Care Setting
        Presenters: James Datoff, Sawyer Peloso, Homadis Shojaei, Yi Fan Su, Pei-Wen Wang
      5. Cardiopulmonary exercise testing in stroke rehabilitation: perceived benefits and clinical utility by physiotherapists and individuals living with stroke
        Presenters: Valerie Boyes, MScPT, Calvin Lee, Justin Ma, Christopher Murtha, MScPT, Allison Sharpe, BScKin MScPT, Karen Yoshida, PhD
      6. Thinking beyond pathoanatomy: Integrating the biopsychosocial model and contemporary pain science into musculoskeletal curricula within the MScPT Program at the University of Toronto
        Presenters: Celeste Corkery, Judith Hunter, PhD, Mandy McGlynn, Giulia Mesaroli, Kyle Vader, PT
      7. Navigating the Grey Zone of Physiotherapy Assistant Autonomy in HomeCare: Perspectives of Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy Assistants
        Presenters: Nilofar Fatemi, Christiane Junod, Kieran Liew, Sandra McKay, Meaghan Jensen, Stephanie Nixon, Endrit Ulaj
      8. Evaluation of Interprofessional Education Placements
        Presenters: Voula Kristofilos, Robyn Davies, Vera Gueorguieva, Elizabeth Hanna, Darlene Hubley, Dean Lising
      9. Cardiovascular Effects of Extremity Exercise and use of Abdominal Binder in Patients of Parkinson’s Disease with Autonomic Failure
        Presenters: Faizan Ahmed, Rasha Alsubaie, Mandar Jog, Kurt Kimpinski, Tom Overend, Lindsay Robinson, Kevin Shoemaker
      10. Investigating Eye Gaze Behaviour During Observational Movement Analysis of Sit-to-Stand in Student and Experienced Neurological Physiotherapists
        Presenters: Amanda Benaim, MScPT, Kiera McDuff, MScPT
      11. Does socioeconomic status of older adults affect their level of mobility? A State-of-the-art review
        Presenters: Vanina Dal Bello-Haas, PT PhD, Michael Kalu, BMR.PT, MSc, PhD, Henrietha Nwankwo, BMR.PT, MSc, Ada Tang, PT PhD
      12. Understanding the experiences of physiotherapy students, patients, and healthcare providers with a new physiotherapy student placement in the urgent care centre: A qualitative study
        Presenters: Jessica Baglole, MScPT Candidate, Evelyn Graham, MScPT Candidate, Tony Nguyen, MScPT BSc Kin, Jennifer Withers, MScPT Candidate, Caitlyn Zavitz, MScPT Candidate, BScKin
      13. Evaluation of the Oasis Seniors Supportive Living model of aging-in-place: a focus on mobility and physical activity outcomes
        Presenter: Olivia Manning, MScPT, BKin (Honors)
      14. The influence of the aquatic environment on balance control of individuals with incomplete spinal cord injury: Lessons learned from an exploratory case series
        Presenter: Andresa Marinho Buzelli, Postdoctoral Fellow
      15. Exploring experiences of everyday racism among students in Canadian physical therapy programs
        Presenters: Sierra Norville, MScPT, Nicole Hughes, MScPT
      16. Measurement properties of the Brief Pain Inventory (BPI-SF) and the Revised Short McGill Pain Questionnaire Version-2 (SF-MPQ-2) in pain-related musculoskeletal conditions: a systematic review
        Presenters: Samuel Jumbo, MScPT Candidate, Tara Packham, OTReg(Ont), PhD