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“The goal is to provide better, more integrated care across the province. We call this new model of care
– Ontario Health Teams (OHTs).” – Ontario Health Teams Introduction and Overview

Update on Ontario Health Teams

On July 18, 2019, the Minister of Health held a live audio town hall to address the next steps within the OHT model. During this webinar, of the 150+ teams that initially submitted self-assessments, 74 application submissions demonstrated the competence to become an OHT.

Of these 74 applications, 31 are ready to complete a full application, 43 are in development and are going to be supported by the Ministry to ensure they are able to proceed to the full application stage.  A few applicants have been noted as offering innovative care models. The remaining applicants have been deemed as in discovery, indicating that they are supportive of the OHT model but further work to expand partnerships with others in their communities is needed. One suggested way to so is to partner with other successful teams in their area who are proceeding to full application or in development. The ministry will continue to support all Ontario Health Teams through the Readiness Assessment Process at every stage of development. For further information on the types of applications, please visit Connected Care.

While the Ministry works to publish a full list of OHTs, they encourage local community providers not currently part of an OHT application to consider becoming involved.

The deadline to submit a full application to become an Ontario Health Team (OHT) candidate was October 9, 2019. It is our understanding that the Ministry is engaging in-person community visits with the first round of successful Ontario Health Team applicants. Ontario Health Team candidates who were successful with their self-assessment, full application and in-person visit are deemed to be ready to implement the Ontario Health model. Once these OHT applicants are ready to receive an integrated funding envelope and enter into an Ontario Health accountability agreement with the funder, they will become a designated Ontario Health Team.

Assessment Process Dates
Open call for self-assessments April 3, 2019
Deadline to submit self-assessments May 15, 2019
Selected groups will be invited to submit a full application July 17, 2019
Deadline to submit full applications October 9, 2019
Announce Ontario Health Team Candidates Fall 2019
Deadline for Second Round of Ontario Health Teams self-assessments December 4, 2019

If you are interested in becoming a part of an OHT, we encourage you to:

  1. Reach out to the successful OHT candidate in your community, as indicated on the Ministry website. Connect with them to demonstrate why rehabilitation, and physiotherapy, is an important component of a successful OHT.
  2. Work with local providers in your community to develop a self-assessment application to submit by December 4, 2019. More details on what to include in your self assessment, including the guidance documents and forms can be found here.

The Ministry has released two key resources to support the development of Ontario Health Teams as part of the Ministry’s Central Program for Supports:

The Rapid-Improvement Support and Exchange (RISE) is an interactive website that provides access to resources and supports, including an online platform to enable information exchange and develop a community of practice among Ontario Health Teams. These resources provide information on the development of the Ontario Health Team model and include topics such as the Ontario health care system, collaborative governance, community engagement, population-health management, and more. Sign-up to receive their monthly newsletter to stay up-to-date on the development of Ontario Health Teams.

The Rehabilitative Care Alliance (RCA) and the GTA Rehab Network have also developed a brief guidance document on integrating rehabilitation into the Ontario Health Team model, which can be accessed here.


About Ontario Health Teams

In effort to move forward with the plan to create a more integrated and connected health care system centered around the patient, the Ontario government has passed legislation to implement a centralized agency of health oversight called: Ontario Health. Ontario Health will be created through consolidating multiple provincial health agencies and organizations.

Within Ontario Health, Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) will be established across the province through a collaboration of local providers or organizations, who will be clinically and fiscally responsible for delivering a coordinated care to a defined geographic population. The ultimate goal of Ontario Health Teams is to “provide better, more integrated care across the province.”

As the Ontario Health Team model continues to develop over the next few years, OPA will continue to support our members by providing them with updated information on the transformation, and what it means for physiotherapists in Ontario.

Please email Gonxhe Kastrati if you have any questions, or for additional resources to support you as you become involved in the development of Ontario Health Teams.