“The goal is to provide better, more integrated care across the province. We call this new model of care – Ontario Health Teams (OHTs).” – Ontario Health Teams Introduction and Overview

In effort to move forward with the plan to create a more integrated and connected health care system centered around the patient, the Ontario government has passed legislation to implement a centralized agency of health oversight called: Ontario Health. Ontario Health will be created through consolidating multiple provincial health agencies and organizations.

Within Ontario Health,Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) will be established across the province through a collaboration of local providers or organizations, who will be clinically and fiscally responsible for delivering a coordinated care to a defined geographic population. The ultimate goal of Ontario Health Teams is to “provide better, more integrated care across the province.”

Among 74 full application submissions, the first cohort of 24 Ontario Health Teams have been announced. A few applicants have been noted as offering innovative care models. Teams that are in development will continue to be supported by the Ministry to ensure they are able to proceed to the full application stage. Self-assessment intake and invitations to complete full applications will continue on a regular cycle until full provincial coverage is reached and every Ontarian is supported by an Ontario Health Team.

More information about Ontario Health Teams and next steps for province-wide implementation can be found at the OHT web page. If you have questions about Ontario Health Teams, email ontariohealthteams@ontario.ca.

If you are interested in becoming a part of an Ontario Health Team, we encourage you to:

Reach out to the successful Ontario Health Team candidate in your community, as indicated on the Ministry website. Connect with them to demonstrate why rehabilitation, and physiotherapy, is an important component of a successful Ontario Health Team.

Work with local providers in your community to develop a self-assessment application. Find more details on what to include in your self-assessment, including the guidance documents and forms.

The Ministry has released key resources to support the development of Ontario Health Teams as part of the Ministry’s Central Program for Supports:

  • The Rapid-Improvement Support and Exchange (RISE) is an interactive website that provides access to resources and supports, including an online platform to enable information exchange and develop a community of practice among Ontario Health Teams. These resources provide information on the development of the Ontario Health Team model and include topics such as the Ontario health care system, collaborative governance, community engagement, population-health management, and more. Sign-up to receive their monthly newsletter to stay up-to-date on the development of Ontario Health Teams.
  • The Rehabilitative Care Alliance (RCA) and the GTA Rehab Network have also developed a value document on integrating rehabilitation into the Ontario Health Team model.

As the Ontario Health Team model continues to develop over the next few years, OPA will continue to support our members by providing them with updated information on the transformation, and what it means for physiotherapists in Ontario.

Please email Amy Hondronicols if you have any questions, or for additional resources to support you as you become involved in the development of Ontario Health Teams.



Ontario Health and the Ministry of Health have developed resource materials around the integration of primary care within Ontario Health Teams (OHTs). Their guidance document, Primary Care Networks in Ontario Health Teams examines the role and integration of primary care networks in OHTs (available in English and French).

You can also access a webinar recording from the Ministry that outlines information from the guidance document, and the webinar deck (available in English  and French). During this webinar, attendees heard from Primary Care Clinical and System leaders who shared key insights and observations on the value of establishing Primary Care Networks in OHTs.