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Access to Physiotherapy Services April 2019

Use of the “physiotherapy” descriptor June 2010

Preferred Provider Networks January 2006

Canadian Physiotherapy Association Position Statements


Rowan’s Law

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Feedback on HQO Quality Standards & Health Technology Assessments

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Health Quality Ontario (HQO) engages in public consultation on their draft Quality Standards and Health Technology Assessments (HTA). Quality Standards and Health Technology Assessments have an impact on the health system and the physiotherapy profession. OPA monitors these consultation opportunities and brings relevant standards to the attention of the profession so that PTs can provide feedback to inform HQO’s work in this area. Login to view submissions from OPA with our feedback on the HQO Quality Standards and HTAs, sent on behalf of the profession and our membership:

  1. Heart Failure Quality Standard
  2. Compression Stockings for the Prevention of Venous Leg Ulcer Recurrence
  3. Structured Education and Neuromuscular Exercise Programs for Hip and/or Knee Osteoarthritis
  4. Low Back Pain Quality Standard: Care for Adults with Acute Low Back Pain
  5. Health Technology Assessment: Continual Long-Term Physiotherapy After Stroke

Joint Submission on Implementing Outstanding Scope of Practice Changes for Physiotherapy

On September 20, 2017, Minister Hoskins announced that the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care would be moving forward with expanding the scope of practice for regulated health professionals, including physiotherapists.  In December 2017, the Ontario Physiotherapy Association and the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario jointly submitted a response to the Ministry’s request for information to facilitate the creation of regulations that would permit physiotherapists to order specific x-rays, diagnostic ultrasound and lab tests within their scope of practice.

Read Submission here

Response to The Marshall Report – Fair Benefits, Fairly Delivered: A Review of the Auto Insurance System in Ontario

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Levels of Care Framework

The MOHLTC’s Levels of Care Framework discussion paper was released in July as part of the Patients First Roadmap. The discussion paper outlines a proposal for a province-wide framework that will guide decisions around service levels and access for home and community care. The aim is to improve consistency in access to high-quality care across Ontario. OPA submitted a written response to the discussion paper that highlighted the need for a greater focus on the rehabilitative potential of people receiving care, and the value of early rehab intervention.

Read OPA’s response

Questions or comments can be sent to Amanda Smart, Director, Practice, Policy and Members Services.

OPA’s Response to Minister Hoskin’s Patients First Proposal

In December 2015, the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care released a proposal to address structural issues that will improve inequities and access to care. Stakeholders were invited to provide a written response as part of the consultation phase to this proposal.

OPA submitted a response on behalf of its members at the end of February. This response touched on key issues for the profession including:

  • The importance of sound transition planning
  • The need to optimize the role and scopes of practice for physiotherapists, especially in primary care
  • The need to remove barriers to integration and funding for services across the system and
  • The need for a set provincial standards and definitions of care and establish an evaluation system.

Read OPA’s full response

OPA Response to CPO’s Consultation on Revised Standards


OPA has submitted a response to the CPO consultation on the revised Standard for Advertising. We thank members who took time to share their thoughts about the revised Standard. Read the OPA Response


OPA has submitted a response to the CPO’s consultation on revised professional standards for Performing Controlled Acts and Other Restricted Activities and Physiotherapists Working with Assistants. We thank members who took time to share their thoughts with us about the revisions. Many noted concerns regarding the delegation of controlled acts by physiotherapists. The ability to delegate controlled acts has been in place for some time for physiotherapists but the revision of the standard made this more clear. As with physicians and most other regulated professions, we believe that physiotherapists have the knowledge and judgement to be able to decide whether delegation of a controlled act is appropriate. We do understand members’ concerns and for this reason have recommended that the standard include reference to the regulation that states that it is professional misconduct to delegate to someone who isn’t appropriate in competence or judgement so that all understand the elevated risk of delegation.

Read the OPA Response

Please write to Amanda Smart with the subject line “CPO standards” with any questions or comments.

Auditor General’s special report on CCACs, 2015

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Recently, the Auditor General of Ontario released the special report Community Care Access Centres- Financial Operations and Service Delivery. Login to read OPA’s comment on the report to learn more about current discussions in home care. OPA encourages members in all sectors to join the conversation.

Response to Reductions in Publicly Funded Physiotherapy

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OPA closely monitors reductions and/or closures of physiotherapy services in the public sector. Reductions and closures affect physiotherapists and patients, the profession as a whole, as well as the entire health care system. When reductions to physiotherapy services are announced the OPA takes a series of steps to advocate on behalf of physiotherapists and their patients. Members can learn about these important steps.

View the current list of Reductions in Physiotherapy in Hospitals by LHIN (2008-Present)

Submission to the Ontario Clinic Regulation Working Group Consultation, December 2015

Read OPA’s Submission to the Ontario Clinic Regulation Consultation

Response to FSCO’s report on Minor Injury Protocols, August 2015

Read OPA’s response to FSCO’s Final report titled ‘Enabling Recovery from Common Traffic Injuries: A Focus on the Injured Person, Ontario Protocol for Traffic Injury Management Collaboration’ and our response to the Common Traffic Impairment Guideline.

As co-chair of the Coalition of Health Professional Associations in Automobile Insurance Services (The Coalition), OPA participated in both the Coalition Response to MIG Final Report and the Coalition CTI Guideline Response. The draft CTI guideline is the first step in the development of policy based on the Final Report. OPA will remain involved in any further consultation opportunities with FSCO and the Ministry of Finance regarding this guideline and implementation plan.

FSCO Annual Statement of Priorities, 2015

FSCO is required by law to release an annual Statement of Priorities (“Statement”) outlining its proposed activities for the coming year. These priorities are made available for comment prior to being finalized.

Read the Coalition’s response to the 2015 FSCO Draft Statement of Priorities

Proposed Changes to the SABS, 2015

The 2015 Ontario Government Budget announcement included areas specific to auto insurance that would require a number of amendments to the Ontario Regulation 34/10 (Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule) of the Insurance Act.

Read the Coalition’s response to these proposed changes

Seniors Care Submissions

July 2019

In response to the feedback survey and consultation conducted on the New Government-wide Seniors Strategy consultation, OPA submitted feedback on the 2019 Seniors Strategy report. We highlighted the importance of developing a strategy that enables seniors to live safely and healthy so they can stay in their community and live as independently as possible for as long as possible.

October 2012

In conjunction with the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists (OSOT), the OPA responded to an invitation by Dr. Samir Sinha to provide a submission on the importance of the inclusion of physiotherapy and occupational therapy services within the Ontario Government’s Seniors Care Strategy. The Seniors Care Strategy is part of Patient’s First: Action Plan for Health Care and aims to help seniors live healthier and longer within their homes.

Read the 2012 Seniors Care Submission

Physiotherapy Scope of Practice Changes Proclaimed April 1, 2011

In 2011, the OPA and its advocacy partners celebrated the proclamation of changes to the Physiotherapy Act that expanded the scope of practice of physiotherapists and allowed them to deliver more services, and authorized acts within that scope.  Read the Physiotherapy Scope of Practice Announcement.

Most of these changes came into effect September 1, 2011; however, those relating to ordering diagnostics are still outstanding. The OPA continues to advocate for the implementation of the full scope of practice for physiotherapists. To learn more or to get involved please contact the OPA.

View the Physiotherapy Scope of Practice Review submission to the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council 


OPA supports the updated Action Plan for Health Care, February 2015

On February 2, 2015, the Honourable Dr. Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care released Patient’s First: Action Plan for Health Care. OPA supports this next phase of the Plan, specifically as it relates to the access to physiotherapy in primary care and increased services for seniors. The Plan also speaks to the importance of the expanding scope of practice and removing barriers to health care professionals practicing to their full scope.

Ontario Premier outlines future direction of Ministries, September 2014

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Ontario’s Premier, Kathleen Wynne released 30 letters, one to each member of the cabinet and their ministry, outlining each ministry’s mandate as well as the government’s collective priorities and objectives.

OPA has selected several points from the Premier’s letter to Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, as areas of particular interest to our members.

Read OPA’s Media releases