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All Ontarians, regardless of where they live, or their ability to pay, should have timely access to physiotherapists and the full scope of practice of physiotherapy for the essential care they need, as close to home as possible.

For the well-being of Ontarians:

1. Increase access to physiotherapy services in your community

No Ontarian, regardless of their financial circumstances, should have to go without the essential healthcare they need, including physiotherapy, to promote well-being, get back on their feet after injury, or live optimally with chronic conditions in their homes or communities.

All Ontarians should have access to physiotherapists they need for their well-being.


  • Expanding the investment in primary health care organizations to ensure that all regions and sub-regions across Ontario have access to primary health care with integrated physiotherapy services.
  • Increasing the resources and capacity for publicly-funded physiotherapy services in: home care, community clinics, schools, hospital, primary health care and long-term care homes. No one should have to go without the care they need.

2. Remove barriers to access timely care by implementing the full scope of practice for physiotherapists

The most effective and efficient health system is one that puts patients first and facilitates timely access to care by allowing regulated health professionals to work to the full extent of their scope of practice.

We need to finish the job on behalf of patients and all Ontarians: Put in place the regulations needed to enable professionals to work to their full scope of practice, including the authorities for physiotherapists to order x-rays, diagnostic ultrasound and laboratory tests.


  • Increasing timely access to care in our communities. Complete the remaining regulations to implement the authorities for physiotherapists to order diagnostic imaging, including x-rays and ultrasound, and to order laboratory tests.