The Ontario Physiotherapy Association (OPA) works to ensure the voice of its members and the physiotherapy profession is heard on important issues in all areas of the health care system.

This work includes both advocacy and collaboration with key stakeholders including government, insurers, associations, colleges and other health-care organizations.

Some of the ways OPA advocates include:

Providing responses and submissions to proposals and policy changes

Supporting relevant research and best practice

Representing the physiotherapy profession on provincial advisory and steering committees

Lobbying government for legislative and policy change

Promoting an understanding of the value of physiotherapy

Collaborating with other health professions to address shared issues

Supporting members in addressing local concerns

Identifying emerging issues and opportunities to members and stakeholders

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) also advocates on the behalf of its members and the physiotherapy profession on matters related to health care that are at a national level.


OPA represents the physiotherapy profession in many collaborative groups and partnerships including:

Coalition of Regulated Health Professional Associations (CORHPA)

Alliance of Professional Associations for Community-Based Therapy Services (APACTS)


The Coalition of Health Professional Associations in Automobile Insurance Services (The Coalition)

Rehabilitation Care Alliance (RCA) Steering Committee


Auto Insurance Superintendent’s Advisory Committee (FSCO)

WSIB Fee Setting Advisory Committee