Members in the News – Charlotte Anderson – Leading, Teaching, and Promoting Physiotherapy

Charlotte Anderson is a practicing Physiotherapist, researcher and CEO of Alpha Health Services, a multi-site clinic in Toronto. On June 5, 2023 she was a guest on Zoomer TV with a panel of health experts, answering questions from the live audience. Charlotte explained the benefits of physiotherapy, how physiotherapists can help prevent injury, keep adults active, prevent falls and recover from pain or injury.

Charlotte was also recently elected to OPA’s Board of Directors, and is an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream in the University of Toronto Physical Therapy Department. She has worked as an embedded Research Fellow conducting research for Ontario Health, specifically on the implementation of clinical care pathways for Ontario Health Teams.

Check out Charlotte on Zoomer TV:

Segment 1 – (Charlotte at 1:50 onwards)
Is there a connection between glaucoma and pancreatic cancer?

Segment 2 – (Charlotte at 4:40)
Answering questions on stem cells, cholesterol and how arthritis is linked to food

Segment 3 – (Charlotte from beginning and from 4:15)
What are the best methods for fall prevention as we age?

Segment 4(Charlotte from 2:20)
Could DNA testing help treat diseases as we age?

Segment 6 – (Charlotte from 2:20)
Advice on staying healthy as you age