The Ontario Physiotherapy Association (OPA) invites the submission of proposals for education sessions for our annual conference.

Education sessions explore areas of physiotherapy practice, including leadership, business practices, case studies, emerging practices, education and advocacy. Submissions should include an explanation of the evidence-informed rationale for the topic. An education session may take the form of an interactive lecture, a workshop, or a panel discussion.

Education sessions may be 30-60 minutes in length and include time for questions and discussion. The length of time for each session may be adjusted after the review process.


Session proposals should be related to one of the following themes:

Health Justice – Advancing Health Equity

  • Health equity means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be healthier.
  • This theme includes considering obstacles to healthcare (e.g., poverty, racism, discrimination, powerlessness, lack of access to jobs, quality education, housing, safe environments), and strategies designed to address them.
  • Topics may include: Indigenous health, allyship, addressing unconscious bias, advocacy, strategies to achieve health equity, and examining inequities in healthcare access, treatment and outcomes.

Innovation and/or Innovative Practices

  • This theme includes novel approaches or changes made to the way care is provided or how work is accomplished through technology, teamwork, etc.
  • Topics may include: collaborative learning models, integrated care models, use of technology such as virtual care, new models of practice, and new roles.

Health Systems Transformation

  • This theme includes content related to systems approaches that support evidence-informed care, accountability, and integration with the goal of a creating a sustainable, patient-centered system with improved health outcomes.
  • Topics may include: Ontario Health Teams; crisis, risk or change management; pandemic preparedness; funding models; quality indicators; program evaluation and best practices.

Clinical Research/Best Practices

  • This theme includes content related to evidence-informed approaches to care and practice examined using quantitative, qualitative, or mixed method designs.
  • Topics may include: original research, systematic reviews, and continuous quality improvement initiatives.

Professional Leadership/Education 

  • This theme includes content related to business practices, professionalism, entry-level or post-graduate education.
  • Topics may include: licensure and transition to practice, student learning and teaching, mentorship and practice/business management.


  • Please define how you would characterize your submission.


Education sessions can take the form of presentations, workshops or panel presentations lasting 30 to 60 minutes. Session time should include a question-and-answer period.

Submitted session descriptions need to include all the information indicated in each section in this submission form.

Education sessions can include presenters from other professions, patients and family, funders or government representatives.

Those submitting an idea for an educational session will be required to declare any real or perceived conflict of interest and to provide details if necessary. Sessions that appear to be selling a specific product or are considered to be marketing-related will not be accepted.

If you select the panel discussion format for the presentation, you do not have to have all members of the panel identified for the purpose of this submission. Three panellists are recommended. Please indicate in your submission whether you would be interested in having the OPA Education Committee assist with the selection of additional panel participants.

All sessions are to be submitted online. You will receive confirmation that your submission has been received.

Deadline for submissions is Sunday, October 6, 2024.


People who have made submissions will be notified of acceptance, revision, or non-selection of their submission in mid-November.

All speakers will be required to sign consents related to recording and distribution of session content, publishing of biography and photo for marketing and promotion purposes etc. with opting out options available. Speakers will also be required to sign a speaker agreement as a commitment to participation and what is required if they are unable to fulfill this commitment.

Any presentation slides or materials must be submitted in February 2025.

The presentation must cover the content outlined in the accepted proposal, and using the format selected in the submission.

To promote discussion and engagement, presenters are requested to register for the conference, and will receive a discounted rate.

No expenses related to the preparation and/or delivery of the session will be covered by OPA.



Receipt of submissions is acknowledged upon completion of the online application process. Didn’t get your confirmation email? Contact us.

Primary contacts for all submitted session ideas will be contacted by mid-November 2024 with the results and instructions regarding the next steps.