On Saturday July 14, 2018 the Westgate District of the Ontario Physiotherapy Association hosted their annual Beach Volleyball fundraiser in support of the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada (PFC). We had five teams participate from across the province, including clinics Align Physiotherapy + Sports Clinic, Neurocore, and Performance Physiotherapy & Wellness. We also had a team of physiotherapy students from the University of Toronto, and a team from the Hamilton District – Hamilton Health Sciences. It was great to see involvement in this event from not only the Westgate District itself, but to see engagement of other Districts and from our student population.

The goal of the event was to not only raise funds for the PFC, but to create an open and fun atmosphere allowing physiotherapists and students from across the District (and outside of the District!) to socialize with one another and create new connections, while promoting physical activity and exercise. An open environment can help facilitate meaningful and valuable conversations within our community, allowing us to share challenges, successes, and learn from one another.

Overall the day was a success – we raised $500 for the PFC, and everyone enjoyed a fun day at Diamond Beach Sports Complex in Etobicoke, including family members of participants. The tournament ran from 10am to 2pm, which included a round-robin format where teams had an opportunity to play against one another, followed by playoffs including semi-finals and finals to determine the beach volleyball champion! The top two teams were presented with prizes.

Pictured are some of our teams who participated, along with members from our Westgate District Executive who helped organize and run the tournament.

We’d like to thank all individuals who participated in the fundraiser and who came out to support the District. Keep an eye out for the tournament next year, as we will be sure to put our efforts into organizing it again!

Westgate District Executive