This February we celebrate Black physiotherapists, physiotherapy residents and physiotherapist assistants and their contributions over history to the health of Ontarians and our communities. We look forward to sharing four articles from Black physiotherapists and an internationally educated candidate seeking registration as a physiotherapist in Canada in our print member newsletter, Physiotherapy Today and on social media in honour of Black History Month.

We encourage all to learn more about Black History Month and the history of Black people in Ontario. Natasha Henry, president of the Ontario Black History Society spoke to the importance of including Black history in the educational curriculum in an interview about this province’s history with slavery:

“It’s absolutely important for Black youth, and it’s important for non-Black people as well, to better understand the historical experiences of Black people in Canada, our long presence here, and our contributions.”

As a member organization, we continue on our journey to learn and live our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion and to address racism against Black, Indigenous and racialized communities all year round.