This May, for National Physiotherapy Month, Ontario Physiotherapy Association members share the impact of physiotherapists’ scope of practice on their communities.

Wanda Chen, PT:

“Being able to communicate a diagnosis increases patients’ understanding and trust in their therapy program and leads to better treatment outcomes. In addition to communicating a diagnosis, being able to order imaging studies in a private practice could further benefit Ontarians.

Working to full scope of practice will enable physiotherapists to:

  • order diagnostic imaging when indicated, which will allow for improved diagnoses, more targeted treatment options, and better discussions of prognosis
  • communicate prognosis with patients and escalate issues to physicians faster. It does not take away physicians’ involvement but saves patients’ and physician’s time in redundant assessments.
  • decrease wait times to see a physician in Ontario and will alleviate the burden from the general practitioner for musculoskeletal cases.

It will help patients gain an understanding of their pain and have resolutions sooner. It will improve the quality of life for Ontarians.”

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