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There are so many ways to experience pain or discomfort, and just as many ways to express it.


The benefits of physiotherapy


Physiotherapists help people understand why they’re experiencing pain, and how it can be managed. They can help prevent a condition or injury from developing, and help prevent re-injury or pain from developing into a chronic condition. When you are faced with pain or discomfort, make physiotherapy your first choice.

Physiotherapy after injury includes personalized exercise programs that can help speed up recovery from injury.

No referral is required to see a physiotherapist in Ontario. Check with your insurer if referral is needed for benefits.

Physiotherapists assess, diagnose and treat diseases, conditions and injuries.

Physiotherapists treat everyone, for any conditions and injuries that affect how you move.

Physiotherapists know it’s important to keep moving and help you resolve the pain and increase your activities.

Exercise is one piece of a treatment plan. Physiotherapists use exercises and many evidence-based techniques and modalities to help you achieve your goals.

Physiotherapy before hip or knee surgery equals a shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery.

Physiotherapists can help you live your best life with chronic illness such as arthritis and diabetes as well as prevent and treat new injuries.

Everyone is different. A physiotherapist assesses and treats your unique pain and its causes.

Physiotherapists give you knowledge and skills to manage your pain and be more active.

Physiotherapists help manage pain and reduce flare-ups so you can be more active.

Recovery can take 3X longer for children. Physiotherapists adjust treatment programs for their specific needs.

Treat the pain you face
with physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy can help you move more freely and be stronger.

Leave the pain and discomfort behind. Discover how physiotherapy can help you today.

Find a physiotherapist today for your pain and discomfort.

Find a physiotherapist near me.


Find a physiotherapist today for your pain and discomfort.

Find a physiotherapist near me.