On June 10, fifteen physiotherapists from across Ontario participated in the first offering of the Wound Care Principles and Assessment, Level 2 In-Person Workshop in Toronto. Level 2 is the second component of an evidence based, multi-level education program created by the Ontario Physiotherapy Association in partnership with the Canadian Physical Therapy Wound Care Collaborative.

Participants learned how to assess different types of wounds, the different categories of wound dressings and demonstrated the application of wound care techniques including packing, probing, irrigating etc. using good aseptic technique. It is expected that those who pass both levels of Wound Care Management will be able to demonstrate that they have acquired the necessary knowledge, practical skills, and judgement needed to perform the authorized activity of treating a wound below the dermis.

“Thanks for arranging such informative and motivating course day. Would also like to thank all the instructors who were so patient with all of us… This was one of the best courses that I have taken and cannot wait to get to level 3, and brace myself with more knowledge about wound care.”   – Ankita Sharma, OPA member

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Interested in learning about wound care and expanding your scope of practice as a physiotherapist? Register for the OPA Wound Care Management for PTs, Level 1 E-Learning Module and then participate in the second offering of Wound Care Principles and Assessment, Level 2 taking place February 3, 2018.