OPA launched its year round multi-platform marketing campaign, Pain Face, on April 5, 2018. Building on the previous two years this year’s campaign highlights how physiotherapists can help Ontarians with the pain or discomfort they face due to many different conditions – from asthma to chronic pain, from a sports injury to a knee replacement, from a concussion to back pain and more.

Short video ads created and tailored for optimal impact on Facebook, encourage viewers to learn more about physiotherapy at discoverphysiotherapy.ca with tools to then find a local physiotherapist. Google ads further target Ontarians and direct them to the campaign site. With 22 video ads to be released throughout the year, the campaign will bring greater awareness and interest to those who previously may not have considered physiotherapy.

Check out the campaign on discoverphysiotherapy.ca and share the resources with your community.

In addition, regular posts on Facebook include news, stories, myth and facts and member profiles that continue to demonstrate how physiotherapists bring value to patients and the Ontario health system. 

Join us in spreading awareness

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